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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  July 22, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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controversy at penn state. the iconic statue of joe paterno is torn down. tomorrow, unprecedented
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sanctions against the university. we'll head to state college where the football program's future is in question tonight. but we begin in colorado where president obama prayed with the victims of the movie theater shoot and the suspect's first court appearance. good evening. song. prayer. plenty of tears in aurora, colorado. a town in mourning gathered to remembered the 12 lives lost in friday's deadly movie theater shooting. earlier today, president obama visited the state. he spoke to the victim whose survive and consoled the families of those who did not. as a community with nearly 60 injured, tries to heal. the alleged gunman ready to appear for the first time in court tomorrow. jay gray starts us off tonight from aurora, colorado. >> reporter: the turnout for the memorial was overwhelming. some estimates say more than 10,000 gathered to remember and honor victims of at take.
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tonight, a shattered city. struggles to begin picking up the pieces. >> the pain is still raw. the healing yet to begin. >> thousands gather ford a city wide memorial in aurora, united for the first time since the massacre. >> tonight is a time to honor those who died as heroes. >> bound together by the tragedy. >> we will remember. >> reporter: the strength that comes in numbers not enough to overcome pain and raw emotions from so much and so many lost. earlier in the day, president obama shared the sorrows and compassion of the nation, with survivors and families of the victims. >> i had a chance to give folks some hugs.
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and to shed some tears. >> reporter: it has been difficult for aurora police as well. including the officer who tried unsuccessfully to save the youngest victim, 6-year-old veronica moser. >> i have met with that officer, and we are all copyi icoping wi. >> reporter: as they tried to work through the investigation. agents have gathered evidence in james holmes' apartment. tomorrow morning the suspect will be seen in public for the first time since at take whence whence -- since at take when he stands before a judge. >> we will convict him. >> reporter: confidence and ultimately a conviction this reeling community desperately needs. tomorrow's hearing is an initial assessment, the district attorney says official charges and whether to pursue the death penalty will come later this
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week. in aurora, colorado, jay gray, news 4. >> the gunman's actions have not stopped people from carrying on and going to see the film. it won't be official until tomorrow. the dark knight rises is on track to earn $160 million in its box office debut. that according to l.a. times and hollywood reporter. warner brothers is withholding revenue numbers until tomorrow. $160 million would give the batman movie, third highest owning ever and best for a non3 d film. our big story, it once stood as a shrine for an icon. tonight the statue of joe paterno no longer greets visitors at beaver stadium. it was taken down this morning. that decision made after a report found paterno helped cover up sex abuse claims against jerry sandusky. this time-lapse video taken by the former coach, tom bradley as workers were behind the fence removing the statue. reaction from state college, pennsylvania. >> i am just absolutely
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devastated. >> reporter: they're here to see with their own eyes. >> it feels like a funeral. >> reporter: the joe paterno statue is gone. >> this ties hasty. >> i'm in shock. >> she says she bought a cutout of the man she still idolizes after she got to the stadium too late this morning. a fence was up. police barricaded the road. a jackhammer and a forklift took the 900 pound, seven-foot statue away. >> he is not going to be taken out of my heart or penn state ever. >> reporter: today university president, rodney eriksson issued a statement saying, coach paterno's statue has become a source of division and an obstacle to healing in our university and beyond. eriksson says the paterno name will remain on the campus library. >> one bad thing really just -- really can mess up a beautiful career. >> reporter: the statue has been a rally point for some when paterno was fired in november and when the hall of famer died in january. calls to take it down became
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louder when the free report blamed paterno and penn state administrator for concealing allegations of child abuse against jerry sandusky. >> this man did a lot of good for this university. >> reporter: supporters of the paterno family left notes and flowers on their walk. the family release aid statement saying, taking down the statue does not serve the victims of jerry sandusky's horrible crimes. >> it is very sad. i mean, we know how bad it was. just sad to see, 61 years, taken away. >> reporter: some feel the anger and shame in the symbolic move. the campus and community brace for what is coming from ncaa tomorrow. on the penn state campus, news 4. >> sanctions could include loss of scholarships, multiyear ban on bowl games, not necessarily a suspension of the football program. more potential trouble for the d.c. mayor vincent gray. "the washington post" reportingth mayor's 2010
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campaign obtained a list of 6,000 public housing residents targeted in a get out the vote effort. the post reports possession of such a list could be a violation of federal laws that prohibit using government resources for political purposes. mayor gray told the post he was unaware of the list. his son carlos gray who worked for the housing office and also campaign ford his father, also told the post he had no role in obtaining such a database. earlier this month. three city council members called on mayor gray to resign in the wake of a federal probe into a shadow campaign to help him win the election an aide pled guilty to helping funnel $640,000 in illegal campaign contributions into the campaign coffers. we reached out for comment but have not heard back at this hour. turning to the weather now -- the sun came back today. the that isn't the only change for the workweek. chuck bell has details in storm center 4 for us. hey. >> good evening, everybody. the weekend now getting ready to
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put a bow on your weekend. yesterday, nice and cool. today, starting to turn the corner once again. 11:00. temperatures are noticeably mild. keeping in mind our high was 71. still 78 degrees. 11:00 at night in washington. middle and upper 70s are quite common. over five days our trend. last wednesday. 101. thursday. 95. friday, today, 82. of course, cloudy, cool, rain soaked yesterday. 71. now the bottom of the curve. does that mean we are trending upwards? jim, it will be warmer tomorrow than it was today. i'll have the details in the seven day coming up. >> we are forewarned. thank you, chuck. international aids conference under way in washington. the aids memorial quilt laid out on the national mall with panels dedicated to those who died from the disease. news 4s darcy spencer here with a look at the events. >> a match and rally on the
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mall. organizers pushed activists to keep up the fight for drugs and care. tonight at the convention center, two brothers received a prestigious award for treating aids piatients in the middle east. work that landed them behind bars. thousands took to the streets of downtown washington for a keep the promise march. marchers want funt funding for aids programs and lower price for life-saving drugs. >> i don't care if you are straight, gay, bisexual, we are in this together! >> leadoff event for the aids conference. actress sharon stone presented two iranian doctors with the elizabeth taylor award. >> treating aids is not crime. >> reporter: the conference is held in the united states for the first time since 1990. after an hiv travel ban was lifted.
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>> after many years, we are proud to host here in the beautiful city of washington, d.c. what promises to be an historic event. >> speakers talked about how far the world has come in treating and preventing the disease. but also the stigmas and discrimination that still exist. the religious institutions have at times turned their backs on the suffering. >> i believe with all my heart that aids work is god's work. >> reporter: christopher barnhill, a 25-year-old man born with hiv works with metro teen aids here in d.c. he was featured in a video at the conference. >> young people -- are the future. and we got to invest into the future. we really have to invest into their lives. ♪ you and i must make a pact >> the gay men's chorus of washington, d.c. sang at the event at the washington convention center and mayor vincent gray a featured speaker. he says hiv and aids have had a
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profound impact on the nation's capital. >> in the district of columbia, more than 20,000 people have been infected and more than 10,000 have lost their lives. >> secretary of state, hillary rodham clinton will address the opening session at the conference tomorrow morning. back to you. >> thank you. still ahead. michael jackson's mother reported missing. the bizarre saga that has police involved. plus, the drew peterson murder trial begins tomorrow. his wife stacy hasn't been seen in nearly five years. why is she suddenly on the witness list? then it looks like a chat site for children. but has x rated content. a warning for parents about oi social network with kid dangers. shoppers sent running when this baby bear take is a trip to sears. >> coming up tonight on sports final. an epic collapse at the british open. the man from down under goes under in dramatic fashion.
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plus a new multi room dvr and new hd set top box free for 12 months. hurry. switching has never been easier with the fios whole home solution. upgrade your home with one easy package. call 1.888.get.fios. contact the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. welcome to life on fios. peterson accused of killing his third wife, found dead in a bathtub at her illinois home in 2004. her death was initially ruled an accident. authority reopened the investigation after drew's fourth wife, stacy, went missing in 2007. she is still missing today. the prosecutors decided to put stacy on the witness list for the trial. experts say they did it to suggest that she is alive somewhere. parents know to be cautious letting their children on chat rooms and web sites. but one mother says she got
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caught off-guard after her son use aid site that looked kid friendly but had very adult material. >> ready? >> reporter: darius is like many 10-year-old boys, loves playing catch in his backyard with his mom and talking with school friends. he was excite add bd about a we. maybe i could soon up so we could chat. >> it's called wee world. they create avatars as they navigate. i asked him to explain his? >> he has an astronaut suit, nba shoes, and a hat. >> at first it seemed innocent. had their cartoons, and enjoyed it. >> reporter: darous registered the account with her e-mail, she was quickly shocked. >> after that i got some e-mails that were pretty much x rated. >> reporter: she logged on and found them dressed suggestively
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and cartoon bubbles filled with language no child should see. >> it concerned me. xxx, expletives and xxx, be my friend. then i went on. that's how i found out that these people were out there. >> she banned him from visiting site and contacted wee world. >> when i went into the parental part of it. said they strictly do not allow that. and to report it. when i tried to report it, the e-mail they gave me i couldn't, it just would block out. bounce back. >> it would never connect. >> he is ten. i said how does he have 85 friends. what is going on. thought it was a chat with him and a friend from school. a real wake-up call for me. i want other parents to know about it. >> wee world investigated the concerns, a spokesperson said her son was registered with an older date of birth that actually gave him access to part of the site restrict ford children. they sid the company has behavior monitoring software and human review.
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and has a robust system for reporting abuse. >> less than five days now until the london olympics and the city its starting to get into the olympic spirit. umbrellas came out to block the sun instead of rain. in the shadows of excitement there are concerns about security. officials say the short falls left by a private company have been filled. now israel is concerned that its athletes are targets after a dead leap bus bombing last week in bulgaria. the prime minister has israeli special agents accompanying the athletes as a precaution. nbc 4s the place to catch opening ceremony, friday, july 27th. and dan hellie's reports from london start this week. visit it nbc for a list of the key events to watch. can't believe it is right around the corner. >> we have been waiting since they put the torch out at winter olympics in canada. >> it's been a while. ready to go. weather here is cooperating. >> very nice. >> a lot cooler. >> a lot of people.
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just needed a little barareak. a little break. friday, saturday today. wonderful. far cooler than have rang. real nice. and knocked july down in average temperatures. we had the number one hottest july on record going. we are not in top place. and this upcoming week. plenty of warm weather back in the picture. means we will finish with a top, two, three, warmest july on record. right now, 78 in washington. winds back around to the south at 8 miles an hour. south, southwesterly wonder tomorrow. means an increase in temperatures. and in storm chances. waldorf. mid 70s. hagerstown. northern maryland in the mid 70s. here is your monday planner. temperatures, low to mid 70s. first thing in the morning.
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plenty of sunshine and heat. coming back tomorrow. temperatures back into the 90s tomorrow. the leading edge of a warm week. chance for thunderstorms coming up tomorrow afternoon and tuesday as well. a busy front half of the week for storm chances. not much showing up on radar for now. nice and quiet through the overnight hours. cloudy skies we endured. will back build the clouds in, late tonight. cloudy, mild start tomorrow morning. sunshine will come out very, very quickly. then tomorrow, trough of low pressure coming our way. promises to not only heat the atmosphere up. but also kick off showers and thunderstorms. tomorrow afternoon. they fade away tomorrow night. but then approach of a cold front tuesday means another chance for strong, perhaps, even some severe thunderstorms, on tuesday. afternoon. not looking for widespread severe weather. we haven't had to worry about severe weather. be ready. your beach forecast. tomorrow, little chance for a thunderstorm tomorrow. then a nice week at the beaches.
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temperatures in the upper 80s to near 90. for us in town. mostly cloudy. mild. touch of humidity coming back. no doubt. upper 60s. low 70s tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon. a very nice day early. through lunchtime. showers and storms. bubble up. highs in the 90s tomorrow. tuesday. with plenty of humidity around. then after that front goes by on tuesday. at least take some of the humidity. some of the j off tedge off of heat. lowish to mid 90s around here. friday, saturday on into next weekend. stay ahead of the weather and storms. following me on twitter. chuckbell 4 or facebook page. a lot of ways to get information. >> or watch you right here. >> which we prefer. nonetheless. you can't watch 24/7. >> still ahead. an 80-year-old woman fends off a couple thieves, thanks to flying fruit. fruit. in sports -- sunday not a
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welcome back. chuck hernandez for sports tonight. nationals done with the lose thing. >> the whole thing. like the weather. they are back to being hot again. we like that. a time the nationals were going to crack. should have been this weekend. big four game series. second place braves. atlanta came from nine runs down. shut out the nats. game two. funny thing about the nats. davey johnson says. there is no quit in this team. don't look now. ryan zimmerman is playing angry. opponents don't like him when he is angry. zims, hitting .383. bottom first.
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stays hot. 84 mile an hour change-up. a fastball. fastball is 91. change-up doesn't work. two run to right center. bottom three. zim. not very bright. a change-up. another zim crush groove. this time. solo shot to left. his tent. mu -- his tenth. nats, win 9-2. split in the series. begin and end with a 3 1/2 lead over the braves in the nl east. british open. finished up today. what a finish. tiger woods. a nonfactor in the final round of a may joy. ernie ehls at 43. ran down flat belly, adam scott who, was by the way, six shots back to take an open championship. if you are a friend of adam scots advise you to make sure there are no sharp edges on his clubs. scott was in cruise control. 10 under. the four shot lead through 14. then the oil begin to leak from the chassis.
11:25 pm
he bogeyed. 15. short for par. and we have drama at saint ann's. ernie was coming on 18 for birdie. you bet you. ehls, seven under. 268. first major in over a decade. all comes done to his friend on tour, adam scott. after a begbogey on 17th. the playoff. epic fail. four up. four holes to go. gone. ernie ehls, fourth title two. u.s. opens. two british oechepens. and the title of championship golfer. back home here. venus williams and the unbeaten, taking on kansas. venus filling in for serena. resting before the olympics. after helping win the women's doubles, near court. wins the singles.
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the backhand winner. v venus would win the match. then off to london and the olympics. she will carry the torch tomorrow. tonight. 25-8 for their 26th straight win. coming up on sports final. more from the british open. including tiger's tumble in the standings. on to his bum. from great britain to zach britain. great as the orioles went for the fifth straight win. plus we have a story of not one, two kayakers, heading to london on a plane. looking to bring home the gold. in a few minutes on sports final. >> glad on a plane. >> yeah, long, long. >> they would be late. >> yeah. after the break. a visitor that had other shoppers
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michael jackson's mother, katherine is safe and sound. her nephew reported her missing last night. guardian to michael's three children. paris tweet she'd hadn't seen her in a week. katherine recently suffered a ministroke and is in arizona with family. paris tweeted her grandmother's physician is a friend of conrad murray, the doctor convicted of manslaughter in michael jackson's death. a mall got an unusual shopper. a bear cub made its way into the sears store. walked in 20 minutes before closing through the automatic doors, wandered around for ten minutes before wildlife officials were able to take it away. they think the smell of food lured it in. not a sale. next, a fruit
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mangos the weapons of choice for a woman trying to fight off thieves in massachusetts. surveillance video catches the woman throwing the mangos as they try to steal cash from a family member's grocery store. one man hit the woman
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